A new house (and some trees)


We moved into our house with the combined goods of 6 suitcases, 2 garden chairs, 3 air-beds and a small table on the deck (charitably donated by the previous owners who didn’t want to pack it on their trailer).  As you can see from the family room - we rattled around in a very empty house for best part of 3 weeks.  Still, the children had plenty of space to run and we really love the house and land.

Whilst we were waiting for the furniture we took advantage of the time to work on proper american breakfasts (a real priority, you have to understand).  We also found that we had a few trees that came with the house.  Actually a lot of trees. Well, anyway, we now understand why they call it ‘the Fall’ rather than autumn.  Unfortunately, we arrived in August so the weather was beautifully hot (90 degrees) and not so beautifully humid (sticky is an understatement).  Still, that’s what air-con in the house is for.  Bliss.