School, Work and Life in General


So, we now live near the beautiful town of Chapel Hill.  We’re just on the edge of town in the woods - a perfect combination of outdoor living and city convenience.  The swim club is just up the road (street) and when the weather was hot it was fabulous.  Stop off on the way home from work for a swim.  Can’t be beat.

The children have really taken to their new school.  They’re at Montessori Community School on the edge of Chapel Hill.  Ephra only does mornings - Clare would miss her too much to have her there all day.  Noah is working really hard and we are more convinced than ever about how ‘right’ it is for him.  His writing is now better than Richard’s (nb. I can still type faster though).  The main thing is that they’re both really happy and thriving.  And growing too fast (but that’s always the way).

The best summary of a Montessori school is probably this cartoon from the NewYorker.

The nice thing about the house is that we have lots of things on the doorstep.  Noah has been having tennis lessons each week at the club and has his own mountain bike loop in the garden (it’s on youtube).  Clare is getting accustomed to ‘service’ - having the bags packed at the supermarket.  Richard is very glad to have swapped a 2 hour M25 commute for 20 mins - usually in glorious sunshine.  Also, Chapel Hill has the best college basketball team and the football team (not soccer) have been okay this season (except the day Noah/Richard went to see them play).